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Do Not Interact List

Last updated: TBD, still a working draft

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This page contains the list of people where ~ajhalili2006 specifically does not want to interact with them. It is expected for those who are affected by this DNI list to avoid following him, although blocking him is too much unless otherwise needed.

If spotted (even when following the Community Code of Conduct) in my his personal spaces (not in professional settings including Recap Time Squad, although his boundaries still apply), expect moderation actions up to and including wielding banhammers against your Tumblr blogs (plus other accounts across the internet).

If you're part of these in this DNI list, please interact at your own risk. I know the strikedthough text above seems to be 1984-styled of witch-hunting, apologies for that.

Table of contents

General Shitfuckeries

As always, you must follow my boundaries, both personal and professional.


I’m not a pro-shipper, although sometimes things go horribly wrong when I ship people that shouldn’t be shipped. I’m more of a silent “ship responsibly” advocate like anyone else.

(Toxic) Dream Stans/Supporters

I do not generally banhammer any people who support/stan Dream and the crew (aka Dream Team for the uninitiated), unless they do things toxic do fans in the interwebs.