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Hey, you’re lurking on my own now page, where usually tell you what am I been doing (or if you’re watching TheJuiceMedia videos, cooking while in lockdown) and what I’m focusing on at this point. I’ll attempt to keep this updated, at least on bi-monthly basis. (sneak to my nownownow entry for some tidbits)

Last updated (PHT): 2023-09-25

What am I doing/done lately

Horribly busy at senior high school while hauling over autistic burnout (alongside some mental health issues relating to being closeted disabled/ND person, including internalized ableism and ).

Few weeks ago, I'm officially graduated on Coda Doctorate program, even through I may have some docs still unfinished to this day (but hopefully exectuive dysfunctioning don't hit me like a bus). (find me on alummi list)

Where am I?

Currently on our family’s house until at least I can find a job in the future and afford a house to at least rent to. Currently observing Philippine Standard Time, which if you’re on Eastern Time, my apologies for late replies.

Please do not ask me for my home address if you want to send me some stuff instead of usual handwritten fan mail, I’ll ignore that due to privacy reasons.

TODOs, any ideas, anything else?

For the personal backlog I can share publicly, please see my tracker and also on GitLab.


Commits on sources + web archives

Former content on

Please be reminded that content on will be archived as I moved blog content to Substack and anything else into this website.