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Well hello there!

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I'm Andrei Jiroh Halili, an future web dev from the Philippines, currently an high school student at day and self-assigned BDFL and lead open-source maintainer at Recap Time Squad1 and writer for my personal blog and The Bloody Hell PH, sometimes I'm contributing to open-source projects.

It might be not obvious for most of you, but behind the scenes I'm neurodivegent, specifically #ActuallyAutistic2 3, so I'm mostly in limited availability, not only for my mental health.

Learn more about me

  • FAQs about me - Read this before sending me emails.
  • Resume and portfolio for those who want to hire me in the future
  • Personal user manual - Go deeper into the source and learn more about me than a good ol' profile README.
  • nowpage - What's cooking lately IRL and in my own corner of the internet?
  • Blog - Personal musings, all things web dev and Linux and more.
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Where to stalk find me (online)?

This list is nonexhaustive

Consider visiting my "all-the-links" page for the full list.

  • Code forges for my open-source, sometimes working-in-public personal projects: GitLab SaaS GitHub codeberg tildegit
  • Twitter/X: Twitter
  • Reddit: Reddit
  • Fediverse: Main on tildeverse Alt account
  • Substack: Substack
  • Chat: Matrix chat with ~ajhalili2006 on Recap Time Squad's Zulip server Keybase Discord Telegram

More on this website (and beyond)

  1. Not an company, as mentioned in my GitHub and GitLab profiles 

  2. There are many great resources from the autistic community (and also the wider neurodiversity and disability rights community), especially from Neuroclastic, if you want to be an ally or simply want to help make inclusivity across intersections mainstream. 

  3. Originally disclosed as an comment in a r/PH post, although it's still a work in progress for me to recover from autistic burnout and to unmask.