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Personal and Professional Boundaries


  • Don’t leak nor spill beans on what shouldn’t be discussed, especially confidential and personal stuff. This also includes anything discussed off-the-record.
  • Read my personal user manual in full before you contact me.
  • For fandom-related stuff and other things, consider reading my DNI



Looking for mental health parts, especially on neurodivergence/disability? You might be looking at Neurodivergence and Disability.


What happened when boundaries are disrespected?

Hopefully tantrums, meltdowns and shutdowns don’t happen in front of your own eyes in levels I can’t handle, especially the silent ones.

In most cases, I might be frustated

What about your DNI (Do Not Interact) list?

The DNI list is mostly apply to online communications, especially among different (multi)fandom (sometimes RP) accounts. You can also treat them as extension (or addendum) to this.