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Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: 2023-12-17

This page is a working draft

I'll be compiling some more answers to frequently asked questions about me in the future. In the meanwhile, if your answer is not here, let me know or search the internet.

Disability and neurodivergence

Dive deeper

I may expect to get questions about autism in general, so I compile these resources ahead of time.

Personal basics


My pronouns are he/they, but I'm more than welcome to use gender-neutral pronouns instead.

Can I send you a physical letter or gift?

For privacy reasons, I can't publish my home address for obvious privacy reasons, but I'll reconsider it in the future. If you still want to, options are:

  • covering purchases on my wishlist on Gift App

All things free/libre and open-source

Are you an open-source/free software absolutist?

Not necessary as hard as RMS, though I still have to do my own homework on its culture, among other things like self-hosting and defense in depth in terms of security and privacy.

The only problems here why I can't go full in would be the toxicity of the tech/open-source spaces and the same reason why you still need to use Windows solely at work (bless anyone setting their dev environments in Windows containers).

Why haven't you reviewed my merge request or email patch?

I'm so sorry. Life keeps getting in the way of me being a responsive maintainer, especially as neurodivergent getting hit by the burnout bus and experiencing mental health struggles. Your hard work deserves better!

By the way, please don't harass me over DMs like Duo for not reviewing your patch (although in case of emergency patches like seucrity-related ones, please be respectful).

Thoughts on Business Source License, Server-Side Public License, and similiar non-OSS licenses?

(This is focused on Elastic, MongoDB, HashiCorp and the like, not dual-licensed software like GitLab.)

We're not talking about copyright assignment clauses in CLAs yet, but while copyright consoliation simplifies maintainers' life when relicensing, the problem here in open-core companies is that contributions are being "milked" by capitalistic forces (pardon the NSFW references) for profit at expense of the community.

The Bloody Hell PH

Do you plan to dig anyone's grave (past in this case) to get them cancelled to hell and back?

Wish I could say no thanks on doing a lot of OSINT, but Twitter's (now X) been a hot mess lately and while writing every single internet shitfuckery (not just people getting cancelled) costs more spoons than in school while masking hard. Sure, I may cover some of them, but there's a lot of stuff happening across the interwebs and I can't do the homework alone.

So if you don't intend to dig anyone's grave, then why are you digging?

Pardon The Owl House spoilers, I may inadvently roleplay as Hunter here.

Here's the clip if you need some context. While it may be edging into suicide here from the context of autistic trauma (hint: mostly due to Belos manipulating him)

Possible reasons including: TBD